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Dear friends,
I am proud of hosting the 5th “Annual Business and Technical Conference” of WHO European Healthy Cities Network and European National Healthy Cities Network.

WHO Healthy Cities Network represents a key structure to improve responsibility and innovation in health; and increases awareness by providing continuity for national and international information sharing.

Joined to WHO European Healthy Cities Network, İzmir uses reasonable efforts to enable “Health for All” principles applied in local level to carry the consciousness about public health to sufficient levels. As local government of İzmir, we work to create living environments of more quality by sharing our knowledge and experiences on health problems with other member cities. All of these may be considered significant advantage for İzmir as the strongest candidate of EXPO 2020 under the theme of “Health for All”.

I believe whole-heartedly that this conference, which reflects principles, aims and approaches of Health 2020 as the health policy and strategy of new Europe, will give important opportunities for all humanity.

In the hope of an efficient conference, I wish great success to you in practices in your cities and your works.  

Welcome to İzmir!

Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality